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How to choose a picture to the interior

Pictures are an integral part of the interior, but the art has a very large palette, and it's not just colors, and in a manner of writing paintings, materials and style. Therefore, the choice of paintings for the premises should be treated extremely carefully and to pay a considerable amount of time to this process.

Tip One

When choosing fabrics, Listen to your intuition, because canvases, which will hang on the walls of your home or office, We must have positive energy. should not acquire images of catastrophes, wars, sorrow, disasters. And another rule: Pick up for every room with special themed paintings.

Let's take for an example of premises in an apartment will understand, how to choose the right picture.

  • For the living room is recommended to buy Impressionist paintings or beautiful landscapes. Feng Shui experts advise to the room to listen to your feelings: if you want, eg, painting in red colors, hang on a wall painting and take a look - as you yourself feel, Intuition says that.
  • Bedroom, where it is assumed to relax, relax, image best suited fragments romantic, lovers or sex scenes.
  • In the kitchen or the dining room is incredibly fit harmoniously into the canvas, which painted a variety of still lifes with flowers or picture. Also nice in the interior can be refined by decorative plates and vases. As for the color, the experts in Feng Shui say, that it is necessary predominance of green, which supports the element of wood, But these premises it is to this disaster and are. But even the presence of red welcome: This color symbolizes awakens the appetite and home.
  • If to look at the study, here you need to look closely to the mountain scenery, water flows. The thing is, East experts believe that, Such an image will bring them wealth and good fortune owners.
  • Children's Rooms is recommended to decorate pictures with characters from fairy tales, animals, birds, cheerful and positive illustrations. But a variety of abstraction fit perfectly into the corridor. What the experts say by Feng Shui? Their advice - look and listen to your child. If he likes the color yellow - perfect image of the sun, if the blue - water, etc.. d. Kid with violent and active character, paintings matched opposite - quiet, not dynamic. And vice versa: quiet child - energetic image.

painting the interior

Tip two

One of the main problems is the following: properly fit into the interior fabric. Here it is important to choose the style, tone, to painting in harmony with the whole concept of space.

Let's look at specific examples. If the whole style of your home set in a classic luxury Description, then you need to buy any old paintings, or the works of old masters. However, if the whole design is created in a minimalist style - vintage masterpieces will look absolutely silly. Naturally, that in such cases it is necessary to buy a painting or an unusual avant-garde creative picture.

It is worth paying attention to the color scheme. Harmoniously will look image, color palette that echoes the color of the furniture and walls. The interior will get a very interesting and unusual appearance.

interior design, designed in Art Nouveau style, recommended supplement watercolor or pastel.

If the apartment or office does not have any pronounced theme or style component, then the fabric selected, focusing on color. The procedure has two variants.

  • The first. The entire room is created in a neutral palette. Further, optional picture, at the same time it has one or two bright color accents. And then the rest of the interior is complemented by accessories in the colors of the image.
  • Second. All premises fully heralded, including accessories. And only in the last selected a painting, that his palette would complement the entire interior. However, this option is much more difficult.

Interior painting

Tip three

Wall design art - a delicate matter. It is worth noting, which is especially ideal canvas will look at the plain walls of soft tones. What are the methods and styles exist, paintings to decorate the room space?

  • Classical. Characteristic of this method are strict straight lines. Typically, this method is inherent in the classical interiors.
  • artistic mess. Very original and modern method of wall decoration.
  • Vanguard. The basis of style - a variety of size and shape of the frame.
  • Method - "borderless". Very interesting method - it is arranged around a central element of other paintings. In this way, allocate the main picture.
  • Not only paintings offer interior designers to decorate your home. It can be: posters, Photo, prints, mirrors and other.

Tip four

Finally let's talk about, how to choose a picture in color.

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  • option One. Painting color palette is suitable for interior, as if dissolved in it. All colors, which are present on the canvas, there are in the picture. Very often, even the idea of ​​cloth in tune with the surrounding environment. Sometimes the picture is a link with the color palette of the room. Thus the basic task image - to relieve the wall from the void.
  • option two. Painting again written in the colors of the interior, but there are one or two additional colors. Such a method animates the room.
  • The third option. All paintings, which is present in the room, written in bright and vibrant colors, I dominate the interior. You can either leave it canvas with bright accents, either complement and support other paintings palette accessories. This method is incredibly harmonious look in the interior, created in neutral or quasi-neutral colors. Only by choosing a picture, you must pay attention to the color saturation, artistic component, registration of the canvas.

We hope, Due to the above recommendations, You will be able to choose the right picture for the interior of the house!