Painter -
Oleg Solovyov

Figures and graphics

Figures and graphics - it is always attractive solution for the decoration of promotional items, interior, as well as the basis for the work of any artist. Figures may be required not only as an element of decor: sometimes students art-graphic faculties need the assistance of a professional, who will perform for them or modify drawing, if quality performance is not enough time, or topic does not cause inspiration. I you can order drawings and graphics High Quality: I work in a variety of styles, with different materials, so even the most demanding customer will be satisfied with cooperation.

Proposal for connoisseurs

graphics design in my performance it includes not only a sketch on cardboard, craft paper or watercolor. I work as a computer graphics, so I can to order:

pattern design company logo;
tattoo sketch;
an interior painting;
student work;
pet picture;
portrait etc..

I am an artist with extensive experience, person, who daily devotes hours improving their skills. I know different techniques and drawing techniques, working on a graphic tablet and 'traditional' materials - canvas, paper, etc.. You can be sure, that my work will meet all your needs and requirements, look aesthetically pleasing. Drawing or graphics will solve all her assigned tasks: If this logo, then it will work on the awareness of your business and solve other business problems, if you order a drawing as a gift - it will certainly please and surprise addition, who will prepodneson. My work effectively looked in the interior, and student drawings always are appreciated, as they comply with the requirements, imposed on them by teachers.

High quality and efficiency of execution of works of any complexity, perform originality, creation of exclusive works according to your wishes - that is what distinguishes my work from the proposals of other artists and designers.

work especially

I am ready to execute any order! addressing, do not forget to:

If you need no computer graphics, then select materials, which you would like to see the work (cardboard, canvas, kraft; picture marker, in pencil, gel pens, ink, etc.);
all the requirements for the drawing, eg, desired style, focus on the details, etc..

My job - it is always the quintessence of professionalism, its symbiosis with creativity, so drawings and graphics - it is not only the interior decoration, but also a tool for profit, if you use them for commercial purposes!