Painter -
Oleg Solovyov

About myself

I - the artist. The words, who proudly for years after I can say about myself. Great Eugène Delacroix once said: "Painting – neboltlivoe art, and this is its considerable dignity ". That picture will say more about me, than any stories. Find your calling - is extremely difficult. but when the work really pleases not only the creator, but many others - it's incredibly supports and gives strength.

My works are filled with the desire to show the world through my eyes and my feelings. Not everyone will agree with the vision of the artist Oleg Solovyov, but a lot of people in the world, and who work by Kandinsky, Picasso or Chagall seem primitive. And despite the fact, that we live in a highly technological world, the art of painting on canvas and paper has not lost its charm.

My style

More and more people decide to order a painting from the artist. But, not much understanding in painting, lost in a huge variety of styles and materials. Each artist has his own method of work, their way of color Search, form and style. My work - contemporary art. And although the painting - an ancient art in the world, I prefer to the more pop art, avant-garde.

The founder of the avant-garde is considered by Wassily Kandinsky. What is noteworthy is the trend in the art?

  • The search for new forms, receptions, styles, support innovation in the world of painting.
  • Denial of classic and universally recognized, revolt. Avant-garde art is permeated with the spirit of full revolution.
  • Character pictures - controversial, ambiguous, complicated.
  • The reaction to one picture may be quite polar, but definitely will not leave anyone indifferent. Many of the works included in the treasury of world art. The most famous masters of the avant-garde - Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall, pit Mondrian, Pablo Picasso and other.

Pop art is relatively recent, in the middle 20 century. And as one of the branches of the avant-garde, It reflects the influence of popular culture. That pop art gave impetus in areas such as situational and kinetic art, abstract expressionism, Neo-Pop Art.

This style is selected artists, seeking to show the unvarnished life around, ironically deride modern vulgarity, apathy and other evils of society. That is why I am so close to this shocking extraordinary style in the world of art.

I tried to connect several penmanship, therefore he created his own style, own artistic handwriting. Paintings are often filled with allegories, metaphors, mysterious understatement.

That can be ordered?

Painting to order - a terrific way to add uniqueness to any interior, while its functionality is not compromised. Of course, you can buy ready-made picture. the main thing, exactly tell me your thoughts, vision for the future paintings, its purpose.

If the client is looking for an unusual gift for a friend, family and found a suitable option among the finished work - contact. Order of any complexity will be completed on time at a reasonable price.

What a picture I paint on order?

  • To present the best solution - portrait. Or picture from a photograph. Order a portrait of the artist – Present is unique for any holiday, for any reason. Properly executed painting on canvas from a photograph will be pleased to win a present, as a girl, and males in years. Pictures of pictures to order - this is the best option for business people, are very busy, and they have no time to posing in front of an artist. Be sure - I will take into account all previously agreed details: key, technique, style.
  • Graphics - the basis of the work of any artist. I can order drawing on the chosen topic on cardboard or watercolor paper. Also, I work with computer graphics, so customers can count on: company logo design, tattoo sketch, drawing and other pet.
  • Oil paintings to order - a luxurious interior detail. Reality, I can offer you.
  • Cityscape - unique and extraordinary pictures, as well as the cities themselves. In the last century they were very popular in Europe, and now is a trend in our country. Such images are versatile: it is appropriate to look in any room. The only thing, What should pay attention to - the style.
  • Abstract painting is full of energy and expression. It will delight its customers and always attract attention. Paintings in this style are extremely popular. Oil painting on canvas in the style of abstract art or pop art will add a great accent to any room.

The peculiarity of my work

  • leaf size - the customer's choice of any shape.
  • Style - as chosen by the customer.
  • Material - canvas, cardboard, paper, kraft.
  • Equipment: butter, acrylic, ink, gouache, graphics, mixed media, gel pen, etc..

Why are you satisfied with the results?

  • High quality picture.
  • Speed ​​of execution.
  • The picture can be ordered remotely.
  • On request, I can translate the image into electronic form.
  • Convenient payment methods.

The paintings in the interior

Choose a picture for interior decoration - the same difficult task, as well as its draw. Should take into account a lot of details: furniture, fixtures, colors, size of the room and its purpose. Buy paintings for the interior in Russia requires a certain knowledge and sense of style. Correctly chosen fabric will delight your friends and family, a lot of talk about human taste.

My pictures, performed by different techniques and drawing techniques, will look aesthetically pleasing and impressive and will certainly please both owners, and spectators. Buy contemporary paintings for the interior - it means to buy a piece of the artist, and each picture, Industry Professionals, immediately becomes capital.

Each of my work - this is the essence of professionalism, Based on your choices and exclusive, which will only have.

Examples of work can be seen in the portfolio on the main page

What is the cost to order a painting from the artist

The size of the picture cost of
miniature from 5000 rub
Small from 10000 rub
Central from 15000 rub
greater from 20000 rub
Overall negotiated individually


  • It shows the average price, without clearance in frame
  • Price may vary, depending on the materials and technology of its execution.
  • Final price is formed on the basis of the problem, difficulty of execution and timing.


1996-2000 – He graduated from the Chelyabinsk Art College, Faculty of design
2000-2007 – He graduated from the Art and Industrial Academy. siskin (Fly), chair communication design