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Trends in Contemporary Art

Contemporary art and the art market is expanding with each passing day. Of course, technology gave a new impetus to meet new artists and trends. This is not necessarily to visit exhibitions and museums, follow the release of the new directory: enough to connect to the Internet - and the world of art from antiquity to the present day appears before the eyes. Let's deal with current trends in contemporary art.

This article analyze the main trends in the graphics world, performances and installations.

glitch effect

Very interesting view images in the world of graphic design. Achieved by distorting images, so-called effect Gluck, especially in the digital world - a popular trend among artists. Previously, such a curvature, deformation incredibly annoying. However, contemporary art has stepped a few steps above: the, What used to be married, Now create a special. 2018 year – truly time, when images with glitch effect taking over the world.

modern Art

The composition of the books

Again, the form of sculptures, that it was impossible to imagine decades ago. With the development of the electronic format, paper version, Unfortunately, It is going through the best period of the. but, Artists see the world with different eyes and then, that others simply subject, for them it is material to create masterpieces. That pile of books became the building material, from which it is born the incredible figures, structure. The form and content may complement each other or, or in conflict, generating diverse reactions from the audience.

Some artists prefer to motifs of flora and fauna, Rachel e.g. Asha (Rachael Ashe), other, like Anouk Kruitof (Anouk Kruithof) It created a sculpture crumbling walls. For creative people the very form of paper books, dictionary, memoirs became a muse. In their hands, the audience will see a book with a completely different angle, but no less beautiful.

Sculptures from Lego designers

It can be assumed, that the creators of these eccentric compositions or simply did not grow in the soul, or simply not played enough. However, the artists create not just obscure statue, Simple pirate ships or castles, and incredible scale and form of, absolutely not child objects of applied art.

Almost half a century ago, the famous designer has been created, and there are few people in the world, who tried to build from detalek anything. But for artists, even such trivial at first glance, material has become a stepping stone to a new direction in the world of contemporary art. One of the world's most famous creators such incredible songs - American neo-sculptor Nathan Sawaya. Here are some of his works: Reproduction of Edvard Munch's "The Scream", a copy of the Parthenon and, finally, four-meter skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Trends in Contemporary Art

Textile and rope installation

What make of, it would seem that, Conventional rope or thread? Artists came to this familiar household items with unusual side. They do not sew or embroider, and weave.

For example, Japanese Chiharu Shiota strands twist around the room a variety of items. Some viewers admire the works, others consider them to be dark and terrifying. but, It does not remain indifferent. Mexican Gabriel Dave creates an exciting large-scale installation of rainbow yarns. His work the author tries to reflect on the human need for protection and shelter. Scott Hove of filaments, ropes, bechevok, weaves a web of ropes. But Emil Lukas, Using such an unusual material, draws pictures. Rather swathes of colored threads wooden board, creating a stunning abstract patterns.

Mentioned only a few artists. In a world of many authors, which create stunning in its originality installation, reflecting on all sorts of topics, that they touch.

original Author

An interesting trend, which allows you to buy a masterpiece not only millionaires, and art collectors. kopipasta Epoch allow for a fresh look at the idea of ​​manufacture of works of art in several different ways and in different price categories.

What is it. The picture is printed in limited edition or on paper, or on canvas. Thus, each copy an original, that is certified.

Interactive street art

Type of street art are diverse and versatile: The authors are trying not just to present their works, but also to involve the audience in their game. Street art is now no surprise - some see it as vandalism, and others are considering and discussing particularly liked the work. Very many well-known in the art world artists try their hand at such an original genre, but anonymous.

The main thing in these images - this is the idea, the author is trying to convey to the audience.

little People

stunning worlds, artists who create, involving real objects or living things, as well as creating a very small men. Topics Mirkov incredibly diverse: parallel reality, childhood or ordinary moment in the life. Thumbnails are admired for its precision. Especially when the master with a stunning fantasy brings the realities of life in a small space.

Some authors ordinary pistachio converted into the Martian plant, other box filled with plants, sand and people, while the third Fanta bottle for men - is a plant for filling vinogradinok.

Contemporary art has moved beyond art centers and colleges, it is absolutely not similar to, that decided to show in museums. And all of this is great, because it is not necessary to create boundaries, and the imagination is infinite. Therefore, in the future we should expect to see even more unusual trends, due to which the authors of original works will delight the audience.

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