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Painting in the interior of the apartment

Human desire for beauty - is not new. In prehistoric times,, our ancestors adorned the walls cave petroglyphs: so it has a natural desire to make your home cozy, beautiful. Now, however, emphasize the expressiveness of the interior style, become an integral part of the concept design and simply add some color to the environment can also wall paintings. Fine arts transformed considerably since ancient times: acquired a new shape and form, but retained the original function. Still, painting task - to give aesthetic pleasure.

Contemporary Painting in interior, murals, engravings, picture composition, "Breathe life" into your home. From now on the situation will cease forever to be gray and boring.

For some interior painting - the perfect choice?

There are no restrictions. Visual Arts - a successful addition to classic-style homes, minimalist studio apartments, apartment in the style of "loft" and non-standard facilities without a single interior concept.

not important, Whether you stick to one style in the decoration, or prefer a creative chaos - wall paintings in the interior will never be superfluous. But the main thing here - to create harmony, by selecting the appropriate style and the meaning of the options. Get a modicum of imagination, and you succeed!

How to choose a painting to the interior: rules of the perfect combination

The right combination - is much more important, than meets the eye. Properly chosen reproduction helps to genuinely transform the house:

  • Convey subtle features interior style, add specifics;
  • Create a bright accent color, to draw attention;
  • To make room environment more contrast;
  • Visually expand the space, or on the contrary - add coziness to the room is too ambitious.

Collusion. Painting, canvas, butter

The main thing in choosing:

  • Reproduction must comply style interior, transfer general "mood" room, set the tone.
  • Selection of colors is possible in two ways - by contrast to the rule and the principle of nuances. In the first case, picture - a bright spot in the room tint, Second reproduction elements harmonize in color with decorated rooms, becoming one with it.
  • Proportion and scale of reproduction should be selected according to the size of the other objects in the room. For example, at the head of a massive bed will look advantageous arrangement of large paintings, while, just like a small reproduction "would be lost" within the context of the scale.

Remember: painting in the interior of the apartment - a reflection of your attitude, vision of aesthetics. That's your sense of beauty, harmony - always the most important selection criteria. And then - Tips, rules and according to the designer.

Particulars of the picture

Rule perfect frame: it must at the same time combined with interior room and emphasize the aesthetics of reproduction - its depth, color saturation, perspective. Therefore, there is no universal approach - experiment and look for that variant, that is to your liking.

A few design tips, to help determine:

  • Abstract and avant-garde paintings look great without a frame - can safely be abandoned. Special, if the interior of the room, It will house paintings, in a contemporary style.
  • engravings, pastel and watercolor works should be placed under glass. Well suited antiglare: so reproductions will look great in the evening, When the lamp.
  • oil operation can be included in the frame, without using the glass.

Council: compulsory frame requires only a classic painting in the interiors of apartments. But this rule can be ignored, if the picture looks objectively better off without frame and glass.

ravens gouache

raven, crow, birds
Crows, birds

How better to hang a picture

To pick up and arrange aesthetically pleasing reproduction - is only half the battle. Your next task - the right to place it on the wall of the room. It is important to take into account the:

  • Dimensions pictures: reproductions of impressive sizes look good next to the heavy, scale furniture, miniature - quite the contrary.
  • reproduction shape. To narrow partition suit vertical picture, to the general area near the head of the bed - horizontal canvas.
  • Background. The best "basis" for any reproduction - single-colored wall.

If you plan to hang on one wall a few reproductions, take care of their beautiful combination. On request "painting in the interior photo"You can find lots of interesting accommodation option.

The frescoes in the interior of the apartment: You Need to Know

Classic mural – Great for the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and even bathrooms. Such an alternative design of the walls is one of the oldest: It was known BC. However, murals in the interior We have not lost relevance:

  • The mural on the wall in the bathroom create an atmosphere of relaxation. Here are ideal natural motifs - Green, flowers, forest landscapes.
  • In the kitchen, we recommend to place a mural in the dining table area. The pattern can be supplemented from the molding frame, decorative stone. This will create the effect of completion, ordering composition.
  • Izgolovʹem mural above the bed, Made in pastel shades, It is the perfect completion of the interior bedroom. Here, too, appropriate calm, natural motives - they are set to ease and relax. Supplemented composition may be illuminated spot, located on the upper edge of the fresco. This will create a visual effect of the expansion of space, which is especially important for compact, small rooms.
  • The interior of the hall, a way to design the walls will help to emphasize the overall style apartment, to create a harmonious and coherent picture.
  • In the living room, mural can beautifully complement the wooden paneling. This decision effectively looks in rooms, decorated in a classic style.

Modern mural is easily applied to the wall: It is a web, which is well attached to any surface. To create a natural, live picture can select 3d-mural.

Painting in a classical setting

It is hard to imagine a classic interior without sophisticated reproductions on the walls! Furnishing elements with historical style can be advantageously supplemented landscapes, still lifes and portraits in the style of realism. impressiveness, the beauty of the paintings perfectly accentuate the massive frame - carved or stricter, without unnecessary decorative elements.

The neoclassical interior is combined with simple sketches, which is dominated by domestic or urban motifs. For registration is relatively simple frames, preferably in light, pleasant eye shades.

Council: should not choose too dark, gloomy paintings. The already strict classical interior will look quite gloomy. Set the mood with something bright!

Painting in a modern interior

Abstract paintings with bright colors - a real godsend for minimalist, simple modern interiors. Would be appropriate graphic contours, crisp lines, some contrast. We recommend to prefer warm colors: they will fill the room a homey feel urban.

Recall: relevant in the modern interior picture without any additional registration. Most modernistic reproductions look great without frames and glass.

Strict high-tech perfectly complemented by black-and-white paintings of large dimensions. The composition of several of these paintings create an atmosphere of perfection, simple comfort. about images, then there should prevail urban motifs - urban landscapes of big cities, reproductions of works of modern architecture. Also relevant graphic portraits.

Experiment and follow your own taste

…this – One last tip, we want to give you today. After all, even with all the design rules and tricks, there is no universal method, how to select art for the interior. Try different approaches, Do not be afraid of non-standard solutions, Learn new trend - then harmony and beauty reign in your interior. We wish you a genuine inspiration every day!